As a sportsman and member of the NRA, I strongly support the right of each American to own and bear firearms as clearly established by our Founding Fathers in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and would oppose any and all legislation to change it.

Small Businesses

We are a strong community of hard­working people, that’s why I will work with businesses in District 106 to identify solutions for owners to grow their markets and help employees realize their potential. Businesses growth must be promoted from all levels of government, but government must eliminate unnecessary regulations that slow growth. I will investigate opportunities within our district to serve as incubators for small businesses to inspire new industry and create jobs for our community.

Safeguard our Religious Liberties

Our Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion. I believe our rights and dignity come from our Creator, not the government. I will stand firmly against the special­interest groups that attempt to manipulate policy to limit our ability to practice our faith.

Lower Taxes

I support a leaner, limited government that adheres to the principles of the Constitution. Legislators have the responsibility to cut the red tape that limits businesses and must encourage transparency in government, but this isn’t possible with high taxes that burden business growth. Economic prosperity is achievable, but government must get out of the pocketbooks of hard­working Americans.


We must provide the best educational opportunity for our children. As a former college and high school teacher of 16 years, I believe that parents have the responsibility to be involved and make the best choice to determine the type of education each child should receive be it private, public or homeschooling. I do not support Common Core and oppose all forms of federal government overreach that burdens our state. Each student’s education should be handled on the local level with parents and schools working together ­­ not lawmakers in Washington.

Family Values

I am proud of Governor Phil Bryant and the many courageous legislators that have taken a stand to protect the rights of parents to strengthen and encourage the formation of traditional families. A family is the most powerful social institution of our society, and I believe fathers and mothers alike have the responsibility of raising their children and teaching them values to live by but government should not stand in their way and promote fractured families.

Promote Smaller Government

Government must be fiscally conservative and reduce its size; big government has intruded on the lives of American families for too long. By getting government out of small businesses, lowering taxes and allowing families to exercise their religion freely, we can promote jobs for working families and continue enjoying the freedoms that only our great country can provide.